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Woven Miniature Pine Needle Basket

Woven Miniature Pine Needle Basket

Sale: $30.00

Woven Miniature Basket with Lid

Woven Miniature Basket with Lid

Sale: $30.00

Woven Miniature Basket with Lid

Woven Miniature Basket with Lid

Sale: $40.00

Thunderbird Spirit Box

Thunderbird Spirit Box. A bowl with removable lid. Rosewood ...

Sale: $100.00

Steelhead Moon print by Carl Stromquist

Thompson River artist Carl Stromquists' description of ...

Sale: $175.00

Silver .5 inch Bracelets

.5 inch Silver Bracelet. Hand carved by First Nations ...

Sale: $340.00

Pewter Spoon and Fork Set

Hammered Pewter Spoon and Fork set with totem design.

Sale: $225.00

Pewter napkin rings by BOMA

Set of 4 native designed napkin rings made from pewter.

Sale: $95.00

Native Cribbage Board with pewter inlay.

Native Crib Board with pewter pegs, traditional Panel Pipe ...

Sale: $160.00

Namwayut Collection bowl set by Corrine Hunt

Recycled Glass Free Form Bowl Set. The Namwayut Collection ...

Sale: $80.00

Majestic Eagle fork and ladle serving sets

Chromium Plated Eagle Salad Serving Set in Gift Box

Sale: $80.00

Killer Whale Spirit Box

Haida Orca spirit box. A bowl with removable dorsal fin ...

Sale: $160.00

Grinders for Salt and Pepper Native Chief

Pepper, coffee or coarse salt grinder with Native Chief or ...

Sale: $98.00

Carved frog bentwood box

Deeply carved frog bentwood box out of yellow cedar. Cree ...

Sale: $600.00

Bear and Frog Spirit Box

Haida Bear Spirit Box with Frog lid. Rosewood patina

Sale: $140.00